Deriree’s blog Vosges Paris is something really interesting to read. You know the blog is the mirrow of people’s life and mood. Thus, Desiree has great mood everytime! The blog is airy, fresh and talented! Today I want to show some details of the Amsterdam Living of Desiree.
And now Living in the Amsterdam Docklands is something I really love. Not only for all the water and the enormous feeling of space right in the middle of town. But what I really love is the history of the area. From here big passenger and cargo ships left to the former Dutch East and West Indies, the Americas and Africa. The whole area is full with renovated historical buildings and warehouses. I do my daily shopping in a former cacao warehouse and bicycle into the city center along the quaysides of the former harbor. I think you can imagine that living in this industrial historical environment is something I enjoy every day!

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